Remedies for cold sores

Natural Cold Sore Remedy Using Essential Oils

Is it cold sores you are dealing with right now? The virus responsible for cold sores lies dormant to about 80% of people around the world. While the virus is dormant, weakened immune system can cause it to flare up.

Cold sores commonly happen while recovering from an illness or when you have vitamin deficiency. Some take only a few days to fade while others take weeks. Besides these medical treatments, one effective cold sore remedy is the use of essential oils.

How can essential oils help relieve your cold sore pain? Read further to find out.

How and Why Essential Oils Are Great for Cold Sores

Essential oils offer a wide variety of health benefits, both physiologically and psychologically. One of which is the treatment of cold sores. Most essential oils work quickly in healing cold sores with noticeable results in only a matter of days. Compared to over the counter medicines, which may have side effects, essential oils are natural.

No More Side Effects

Essential oilEssential oils don’t have any adverse side effects, so you can use it to treat your pain more frequently than your medicines. As natural antiviral medications and painkillers, you do not need to worry about side effects in using it. There are a few essential oil products you can use to treat your cold sore. These natural cold sore remedies also smell great, so it is even more tempting to use them to treat cold sores.

Is It Safe to Use?

According to clinical and medical experts, it cannot hurt to use it. There might be no scientific studies that show the actual effect of essential oils on cold sores, but the fact that essential oils have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties is enough reason for you to try. Essential oils are useful in relieving pain and dispelling the bacteria.

Ways to Treat Your Cold Sores with Essential Oils

In treating your cold sores with essential oils, here are some instructions to start with:

Choose Your Oil – There are different essential oils you can choose from, and each has their own benefit. For your cold sores, choose essential oils with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Dilute with Carrier Oil – To reduce its potency, you need a carrier oil to dilute it with. Coconut oil is a great carrier. Mix 1 teaspoon with every drop of essential oil. This will be the mixture to apply on your cold sores.

Try a Skin Patch – Prior to application, you should try a skin patch first. This way, you can assess how your skin reacts to the oil. If there are no reactions within 24 hours, then it is generally safe to use.

Apply Topically on Your Cold Sores – Once you figure out that it is safe to use, go and apply the mixture topically on your cold sores. You can also mix it with a cream or shea butter to apply on your blisters.

These are how you can treat your cold sores naturally. With essential oils, you have a way to treat the pain and heal the blisters quickly without the risk of side effects.

Treatment For A Bleeding Hemorrhoid

If you have hemorrhoids you may have seen that there is bleeding from the rectum. Bleeding hemorrhoids are usually not cause for alarm and are fairly normal. Sometimes it is caused by too much pressure when passing a bowel movement, or in extreme cases bleeding can be caused by an actual ruptured hemorrhoid. Please seek medical attention if you feel like you are in intense pain and/or suspect that anything is wrong. Bleeding hemorrhoids are usually not cause for alarm once you have been diagnosis with hemorrhoids, it would be an important idea to seek medical attention if it is your first time noticing bleeding from the rectum. There are rare cases where rectal bleeding could be the cause of something more serious than hemorrhoids and it is important to make sure that it isn’t the case before going further with your hemorrhoid treatment.

However, hemorrhoid bleeding is usually just an painful annoyance rather than anything serious. An indication that your bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids would be the fact that it is bright red in color signifying that it is new blood since hemorrhoids are at the end of the digestive tract. The bleeding will also stop soon after a bowel movement meaning that you may noticed the blood in streaks on the outside of your stool and it may appear on the toilet paper when you wipe but clear up right after that. Any blood darker in color may be from a location further up the digestive tract or from the stomach and should be evaluated by a medical professional.

You do have several treatments to consider for treating your bleeding hemorrhoids. They range from lifestyle changes to hemorrhoid healing products that you can use. One solution is the sitz bath, which is basically a soothing bath to help you relax and help the pain go away. It will help you deal with the swelling and pain and allow you to not be as tense as tense muscles will only make the problem worse. You can also alter the diet to avoid processed foods and to increase your fiber intake to make your bowel movements easier to pass. Water is also important.