gynexin for chest firmingGynexin is used in reducing enlarged breast in men. It is herbal based capsule which is used in treating gynecomastica. This condition is very embarrassing for men and this product offers them relief. In most cases enlarged boobs are caused by increase of androgen and estrogen in the body. Men who are overweight also get excess fat, which forms boobs. Gynexin burns fat and therefore helps to remove the unwanted mass on the chest. However it is a good idea to know the possible side effects before you start using it.

Gynexin can be tolerated by most people.  But there are people who get adverse effects after using it. Therefore you must be cautious when using this product.  Some of the side effects of gynexin are minor and you can cope with them while using it. They go away on their own after you stop consuming the product. There are no long term and dangerous side effects reported after using gynexin. Here are some of the gynexin side effects that people have to put up with.

Allergic reaction

Just like any other product, some people may get an allergic reaction while others are completely fine.  You need to check out for any allergic reactions if you are using for the first time.  Some allergic reactions need immediate medical attention and can cause health complications if not treated.  They include itching and hives. But there are advanced ones such as swollen face, mouth, throat, tongue and breathe shortness accompanied by difficulty in breathing.

Side effects in the gastro-intestines

People have experienced gastro-intestinal side effects have reported experiencing dry mouth and feeling thirsty. The tummy was also upset after taking the gynexin formula. This calls for increase of water intake when using this product. However those have experienced IBS or Irritable Bowel Movement should not use gynexin again.

Other unknown side effects

A huge study has been carried out to check on the various side effects that come with using gynexin. But there are still many other unknown side effects of this product. It is still under study and you need to research widely on scientific findings about it before you start using it.

Gynexin is good and effective in reducing men’s boobs. All you need is to be cautious when using it. You can consult your doctor and he or she will advise if you can take the capsules or not. A full chest in men may be embarrassing and annoying, but it’s not worse than some of the nasty side effects that come with gynexin.